Meet the Owners

We are Ben, Ash & Wilder Clark and we strive to live simply and fully on our 68 acre maple farm. We keep maple traditions alive with our wood fired evaporator, while blending the newest technology to optimize productivity and health of our maple trees. Our sap comes directly from land that's been sugared since the 1800's, and is processed in our sugarhouse with wood from our property. We are proud to offer a high quality product to our customers that we create from start to finish. Stop out for a tour during the season, and purchase our products year round. Don't forget to follow the journey that we call our crazy adventure through social media and our website. 

100% Pure Maple

All of our products are made with our pure maple syrup. We are proud to offer products that have nothing added. I mean really, can you honestly make maple better than what it naturally is? Pure goodness is found in our syrup, maple melts, sugar, and cream. 

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