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How it Began

Hi there, and welcome to Sacred Roots Maple! We are thrilled that you’ve stumbled upon us and are curious to learn more about our way of life.


My name is Ashley, and my husband, Ben, and I are the founders of Sacred Roots Maple. We established our farm in 2016, but our roots go much deeper than that. As our name implies, we produce maple syrup, (along with all sorts of pure maple products, and maple enhanced baked goods!).  The woods that we have set apart for this life are quite old, and parts of them have been in production for over 100 years. Sugaring, as locals call the process of boiling sweet sap that the maple trees produce, has been entrenched in the North East for generations.


Ben has had 19 seasons in this life of maple. He was blessed to be able to learn and grow from the previous owner of the farm, and he continues to draw on his past experiences as he lives out this dream. When I married Ben, I knew that our life would be full of all things sugar (some say I landed a pretty great “sugar daddy”).  What I didn’t know is how full our lives would become by owning a farm of our own.


You see, Ben and I don’t live a typical lifestyle that many choose to live in today’s culture. Ben left his government job and is now fully self-employed, running the farm and another small business. I also left the 9-5 life and I am immersed in the field of counseling. With a passion for living off the land and serving our community, we choose to live simply and strive to live a full life each and every day.


So why Sacred Roots Maple? Where did the name stem from? As we reflected on our lives, we knew a few things for certain. We knew that each day we would live our lives in relationship with God, and that we have a dedication to our land that gives generously year after year. There is sacredness in that. Our roots are deep with that belief, and for that, we founded Sacred Roots Maple.


We hope that you will follow along with our story, and find encouragement (and maybe laugh a bit) in what we share.


We’re two small town people, living a big and adventurous life! We hope that you too can live boldly and take steps to living the life you desire. 


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